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The cost outlay for advertising to attract ‘top talent’ doesn’t come cheap and you just don’t know what calibre of applicants you are going to attract.  Yes, no doubt you will attract many active job seekers in the current climate, and yes, most of these will not meet the criteria required for the position – it’s a fact!  We know, because every day we receive multiple requests for applications from our clients seeking interviews for roles that they simply don’t have the credentials for.  What do we do?  Advise them of course.  We see no value in fulfilling these requests as (a) the client is not going to achieve an interview – that’s a given if they don’t have the skills match; and (b) to fulfil these requests that won’t achieve results would impact considerably on the repeat business we obtain through satisfied client recommendations and referrals.

Every week we list the ‘stellar’ job seekers we do professional resumes for and record them here to assist them in moving their careers forward.  These candidates have either a proven track record of outstanding achievement in their career to date, and/or significant academic credentials ready to kick-start their careers.  The advantage to you as a Recruiter, Talent Acquisition Specialist or Hiring Organisation – is that you have either achieved the right candidate for your client/business without the hassle of the advertising and selection process; and/or you have a brilliant candidate to add to your ‘talent pool’.

If you have an interest in any of our clients listed here and would like to receive their full resume, please complete the relevant Request Form.

Applicant - 1

Senior Sales & Marketing Executive – suitable for National, State, Regional roles

18+ years’ professional experience in developing and leading high-performing sales teams to accurately anticipate and identify clients’ needs and deliver measurable solutions to grow their businesses.  Demonstrated track record of achieving significant year-on-year growth in declining markets.  Nominated as one of the ‘Top 5 Sales Leaders’ with a global enterprise.

Sales & Marketing: Strategic Digital Sales & Marketing Planning | Business Development | Business Analytics | Structured Sales Pipeline Management | Strategic Partnership & Contract Negotiation | Go-To-Market Strategies | Customer Relationship Management (CRM) | Brand Development | Competitor/ Consumer Trend Analysis | Media Planning
Leadership: Frameworks for Development | Goal/KPI Setting | Performance Metrics | Team Capability Uplift (motivating/coaching training) | Staff Retention Strategies | Incentive Programs.

SALARY GUIDE: $170K – $200K
POSITIONS:  Sales Director, Sales Manager, Senior Sales Executive, Head of Sales

NOTE: This information is only available to recruitment organisations, talent acquisition specialists and hiring organisations.

Applicant - 2

Senior Transformational Change Management & Leadership Professional

Just under 25 years’ professional experience in developing, implementing and leading major transformational change projects/programs for Australian Government entities and translating organisational vision into key outcomes and deliverables including via the development of Operational Frameworks and Dashboards.

Transformational Change: Strategic Analysis (Objectives, Policies, Models, Processes, Standards, Systems) | Strategic Advice, Negotiation & Leadership (at Ministerial and Executive levels) | Change Readiness | Operational Dashboards | International Engagement | Regulatory Compliance | National Security | Parliamentary Procedure | Ministerial Services & Support Management | Business Intelligence & Analytics | Cross-Functional Coordination | Financial Management | Project/Program Coordination
Leadership: Transformational Leadership | Individual & Team Performance Uplift | Attraction, Recruitment & Diversity Strategy | Learning & Development

SALARY GUIDE: $190K (FTE) |  $140 P/H (Contract)
POSITIONS:  General Manager, Transformational Change Manager, Operations Manager

NOTE: This information is only available to recruitment organisations, talent acquisition specialists and hiring organisations.

Applicant - 3

Senior WHS/OHS/HSE Risk Management Professional

17+ years’ at national- and major enterprise-levels in diverse sectors including, most recently, as Manager, Risk & Safety with one of Australia’s largest national supermarket chains, and previously as General Manager Risk & Compliance ANZ with the world’s largest provider of catering and provisioning services for the aviation industry. 

WHS/OHS Operational Management: WHS Risk Auditing, Assessment & Management | WHS Policy & Process Development | WHS System Development, Implementation, Management, Analysis & Reporting | Enterprise-Level Promotion & Communication | Business Unit Management Coaching & Mentoring  
Compliance: Australian and International WHS Standards Compliance | Federal & State Regulatory Compliance (including Legislative Change Implementation) | Legal Requirement Registering
Incident Management: Incident Notification Automation | Incident/Crisis Management | Injury Management & Return to Work

POSITIONS: Head of Environment, Health, and Safety, Director Environment Health Safety, Environment, Health and Safety Manager, Safety Risk Manager, Risk Management Specialist

NOTE: This information is only available to recruitment organisations, talent acquisition specialists and hiring organisations.

Applicant - 4

Property, Facilities, Asset Management Professional

BACKGROUND: 19+ years’ professional experience accountable for the overall functionality of retail, industry and commercial real estate portfolios ensuring facilities management and property services are delivered in accordance with contracts, proposals, strategies and budgetary guidelines.  Highly skilled in negotiating lease arrangements including new lease agreements and renewals and development of Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Schedules and associated budgets; selection/appointment of national subcontractors; preparation of asset registers and leading capital works/upgrades projects.

Property/Facilities Management | Premium Portfolio Management | Asset Management Registers | Asset Lifecyle Planning/Monitoring | CAPEX/OPEX Budget Development | Planned Preventative Maintenance | Lease/SLA Negotiation | Tenancy Register Management | Due Diligence/Corporate Governance | Request for Tender (RTF) Submissions | National Contractor Management | Service Level Agreements (SLAs) | Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) | Board and Executive Reporting | Risk Management/Audits | Staff Leadership & Management | New Builds/Refurbishment Projects | Disaster Recovery Projects

SALARY GUIDE: $180K – $250K 
LOCATIONS: Melbourne VIC, Queensland
POSITIONS: National Assets/Facilities Manager

NOTE: This information is only available to recruitment organisations, talent acquisition specialists and hiring organisations.

Applicant - 5

Outstanding Economics & Finance Graduate | Finance/Business Analyst

BACKGROUND: Bachelor of Business (Economics and Finance) with exceptional academic results and 2+ years’ experience with Australia’s largest automotive manufacturer (initially as a Finance Intern, then offered ongoing employment as a Finance Analyst).  Passion for efficient and effective financial and business analysis that provides quantified understanding of an organisation or business unit’s performance and position.

Finance/Business Analyst: Data Analysis & Visualisation (via Microsoft Excel/Power BI) | Database Development & Management (SQL) | Risk/Opportunity Analysis & Reporting | Feasibility Studies/Cost Benefit Analysis | Costing/Pricing Design| Budget Development & Forecasting | Monitoring, Variance Analysis & Commentary | Financial Research & Reporting | Project/Program Planning, Development, Management & Implementation | Continuous Process Improvement | Stakeholder Engagement & Relationship Management | Executive Strategic Advice

POSITIONS: Finance Analyst, Data Analyst, Business Analyst

NOTE: This information is only available to recruitment organisations, talent acquisition specialists and hiring organisations.

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