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Professional ATS Optimised Resumes

When you apply for any position, you are one of perhaps hundreds of candidates with similar credentials and experience.  To achieve interviews, your resume must set you apart and make you a ‘candidate of choice’.  Our professional resume writers are experts in preparing resumes that emphasize your credentials, experience, and core competencies to promote your value proposition to hiring organisations.

Selection Criteria Writing

Selection Criteria & Government Applications

We are government job specialists and have assisted clients across Australia achieve interviews and job offers in Australian government, state government and local government roles as well as academic, healthcare and education sectors.  What’s more, we  have a comprehensive knowledge of the application requirements for any of these roles, and importantly, can tailor applications to promote your value position to achieve interviews. 

Cover Letter Applications

Most private sector organisations do not require selection criteria responses, they do, however, require detailed applications addressing the requirements specified in advertised positions, including ‘our ideal candidate’ – we are experts at tailoring cover letters that address all aspects of the advertisement and clearly evidence your capabilities in meeting all requirements of the role.

Professional LinkedIn Profiles

Every time that you apply for an advertised position, your online presence will be checked out.  Hiring organisations expect you to have a LinkedIn profile as this indicates an individual who is serious about their career.  What’s more, LinkedIn is a major tool in career advancement and if set up appropriately, can generate interest from talent acquisition specialists.

Career Coaching

Career Consultancy

Unlike many writing services, we do not charge for career consultancy.  This is part of our service to our clients and we provide free, ongoing, career advice at any time including advice on suitable positions, interview potential, interview guidance, in fact, any assistance that will move them towards their career goals.

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