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Selection Criteria

One-page Selection Criteria Application: $45
Two-page Selection Criteria Application: $65
Online Responses: $35 to $55
Statement of Claims: $75
New Starters and Graduate Resumes: $75 to $120
Early Career Resumes (under 5 years): $99 to $120
Advanced Career Resumes (over 5 years): $125 to $145

Expertly written Selection Criteria applications

Selection Criteria applications can be daunting – and yes, you do have to respond to each criteria according to the methodology: Demonstrated | Proven | Experience with | Ability to | Knowledge of etc etc. We are experts at selection criteria writing for all levels of government applications (local, state and federal) and other institutions/organisations requiring selection criteria applications (academic, healthcare, not-for-profits, etc). Our pricing is structured for all required applications, i.e. separate statement of claims | separate cover letters | online responses | limited page pitches. 

What’s more – if you are unsure you would achieve an interview for the advertised position, send us a copy of your resume and the link(s) to the position(s) you are targeting and we will advise your potential to achieve an interview. If you have any questions use our ONLINE CHAT below.

Get a personalised quote for your selection criteria services

We like to individually quote our customers as every selection criteria application can vary, i.e. limited page/limited word response, online responses, separate Statement of Claims and separate Cover letter.  The methodology of addressing selection criteria also can differ considerably, generally – but not always, requiring STAR (Situation/Task/Action/Result) responses.

Our prices for all of our services are well under what appears to be the industry norm, i.e. quite often, multiple hundreds of dollars for selection criteria responses.  We simply cannot justify charging inflated prices as appears to be the market trend and that is why our complete selection criteria applications start from just $45.

What you can be assured of is that all our selection criteria applications documents are produced to the highest quality standards in content, look and feel and what’s more, are structured and contain keywords and key-phrases to pass through Application Tracking Systems (ATS) and achieve interviews.

Please complete this form, indicate the service(s) you are interested in and send us your current resume plus links to the positions you have an interest in/wish to apply for.  We will come back to you with a detailed, non-obligatory quote to suit your needs.

If you wish to proceed with our quoted services, we will email you a formal invoice which is valid for up to seven (7) days and can be paid any of the following three methods:

  1. Online via secure STRIPE invoice;
  2. Over the telephone via credit or and debit card; or
  3. Directly into our business bank account via EFT.

Note that generally our selection criteria applications take between 3 – 5 days to process.

EXISTING CLIENTS – just email us your position links for new applications at and we will quote on them.

Just some of the sectors we support

  • Accounting | Accountant Resumes
  • Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Resumes
  • Administration & Office Support Resumes
  • Bookkeeper & Office Manager Resumes
  • Business Analyst Resumes
  • Call Centre Representative Resumes
  • Community Services Worker Resumes
  • Customer Service Resumes | Administration & Retail
  • Disability Support Worker Resumes
  • Education Resumes | Teachers | Support
  • Engineer | Engineering Resumes
  • Government Resumes | Federal, State, Local
  • Graduate Program Resumes 
  • Health Sector Resumes | Nurses | Allied-Health
  • Hospitality Resumes
  • Human Resource | HR Resumes
  • Information Technology (IT) Resumes
  • Insurance & Superannuation Resumes
  • Legal Resumes | Lawyer, Legal Assistant, Intern
  • Marketing Resumes | Marketing Assistant | Marketing Manager
  • Mining Sector Resumes
  • Not-for-Profit/NGO Resumes
  • Project Manager Resumes
  • Real Estate & Property Management Resumes
  • Sales Resumes | Sales Manager | Sales Assistant
  • Trades & Other Services Resumes
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