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We are specialists in writing job winning selection criteria applications including for Commonwealth, State, local government entities, and any sector requiring selection criteria responses such as health and academic. 

What’s more, we have a total understanding of the application requirements for all government agencies as well as for the health, academic sectors and have assisted our clients in achieving career protectory positions.


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Things you might ask about our service

how long does the service take ?

We generally have draft documents back to you for review within 48 – 72 hours, shorter times can often be accommodated where necessary.

what if I don't like my application?

Don’t worry, you will!  What’s more, we work with you until your application is completed to your total satisfaction.

What if I don't like the new professional resume I ordered?

You must ‘love’ your new resume or we offer a full refund on this.  What’s more, your resume includes ongoing edits any time that your circumstances change.

What format do you provide documents in?

All our documents are provided in editable WORD and PDF formats for your convenience.

Do you use STAR format in selection criteria ?

Generally STAR is always used particularly when ‘demonstrated’ is required, examples must be shown evidencing your capabilities in the specific criteria.

Do you do online responses ?

Yes – many organisations now require responses to targeted questions to be inserted directly into online application forms.

I'm not sure i would get an interview - can you advise me ?

Yes, we will always review your potential to achieve an interview for any position you are considering.

What's your success rate ?

Extremely high, in fact we have assisted the majority of our clients in obtaining positions in government, academic and health sector roles across Australia.

How does the service work ?

1. Order your service or request a quote

Directly order your service(s) from the Order Form above or Request a Quote for service or call our mobile HOTLINE 0407 001 158 or email if you have special requirements.  Note, we usually respond very quickly so if you don’t appear to have received a response, check your Junk/Spam folder (particularly if you have an older ‘Hotmail’ account).

2. Formal receipt issued

When you process your invoice,  you will automatically receive a formal receipt and the order immediately comes into our system for processing – there is no need to advise of your order.

3. additional information requested

We’ll contact you (either by phone or email) for any additional information we may require whether it relates to a professional resume or selection criteria application. 

4. draft documents are prepared and sent to you for review

When we have received any requested information, we prepare your draft documents and send these to you for review.  If you require any changes, we revise your documents and resend to you for final approval.

5. final documents sent in word and pdf formats

Your final (WORD & PDF) documents are emailed to you.  What’s more, we always retain your confidential file in our records in the event you either want edits to your resume down the track, or want to submit other applications.

Our clients say

Nicholas and the team at Total Resume Service offer an elite service to career professionals. Nicholas does a thorough assessment before embarking on creating a cutting edge resume. His research, writing ability and attention to detail shines through. The end result is outstanding. I can recommend Nicholas to anyone seeking career consulting.
David S.
Motivation Consultant
Highly recommend. Excellent and professional service. I did my resume update through TRS. The day I started applying for a role, I started getting calls. Thanks to Nick and his team for their tremendous work on my resume. Very professional and always available to help. I called a number of times and the team was very helpful and kind willing to support. Thank you.​
Vikas D.
Project Manager
Thank you Nicholas, I just wanted to let you know I had 3 interviews since you updated my resume I was offered all 3! I start my new job next Monday! Thank you for turning my resume into a job magnet! .​
Suzana P.
Executive Assistant
This is the first time I have ever used a service like this, I have also worked in employment services for over 13 yrs, the team have opened my eyes to how amazing a resume can be and what skills and experience I really have. I feel so much more empowered and confidence now from the support and service they have provided - thank you!
Therese M.
Compliance Manager
I contacted Total Resume Service to assist me with a Key Selection Criteria and updating my resume which had not changed in over 6 years. I was absolutely amazed and blown away on the detail and professionalism in my new resume and key selection criteria when I received it.
Martin K.
Network Security
I just wanted to say thank you for all your assistance during my selection criteria application process for the APS 5 position. I have successfully secured the role now.
Achal D.
Compliance and Audit Advisor

What are Selection criteria?

The selection criteria for a position is a list of the essential and desirable skills, attributes, experience, and qualifications which an organisation decides is necessary for a specifically advertised position.   The manner in which you respond to each criteria will determine if you achieve an interview for the advertised position.  The criterion is generally structured to gain not only your experience/knowledge level, but also to gather behavioural information.

What length should responses be?

This is usually (but not always) specified and can be restricted by maximum word counts or page limits.  When there are no limits specified, a half-page is usually appropriate for each criterion.  It’s important to abide by any specified response limits, as your application could be rejected based on non-compliance to the requirements.

Do you always have to respond to Selection Criteria?

No, even if there are formal selection criteria on the Position Description, it is not always a requirement to address these and this may be stated on the Position Description itself, or in a separate ‘How to Respond’ instruction. The requirement could be either to respond to ‘targeted questions’ in an online application form or to submit a one- or two-page ‘pitch’ on how you are the best person for the job and meet the requirements of the Role Accountabilities.  What ever the requirement, all responses should provide quantified examples, ideally using the STAR approach.

STAR, SAR, CAR, SAO explained

STAR: Situation, Task, Action, Result | CAR: Circumstance, Action, Result | SAR: Situation, Action, Result | SAO: Situation, Action, Outcome.  These methodologies and your responses, provide an organisation/company with knowledge of your behaviour within the work environment, and in fact, require ‘behavioural responses’ which will also be required when attending an intervie

Yes, you can get a Government job

We are specialists in achieving Federal and State Government jobs and have assisted many clients in upward career protectory roles across Australia. There is no greater security than a Government job and the opportunities for career development, career advancement are far greater than in the private sector.

Many jobs in Government involve ‘customer service’ via phone-in and/or face-to-face requests for information on the services provided and usually eligibility.  If you have had any frontline customer service jobs such as in retail, administration, hospitality, etc you already possess many of the requirements that would be necessary to achieve interviews and job offers in Government.

What you need to get a Government job

A professional resume promoting your value to the Government agency evidencing your capabilities in performing the advertised role and incorporating the relevant keywords/key phrases incorporated in the position advertisement and/or Position Description.

A formal application which can be a Statement of Claims against the Selection Criteria, Online Responses to targeted questions, or a limited page ‘Pitch’ addressing ‘why you are the best person for the job’.

Being placed in a Government 'Merit Pool'

Many advertised Federal Government (APS) jobs include multiple locations across Australia and are intended to fill multiple vacancies as they arise.  This means that even if you are not immediately selected for interview, if you meet the ‘person requirements’ of the position, you will be placed in a ‘Merit Pool’ for up to 12-months before a suitable vacancy arises.  Your placement on the ‘Merit List’ will be dependent upon your level of ‘meeting the requirements’ of the position.

These ‘Merit Pools’ usually apply to positions that feature multiple locations.  Where one location is nominated, this is an immediate vacancy.

The majority of State Government jobs are immediate vacancies but they also have jobs that feature ‘Talent Pools’ which essentially is the same as APS ‘Merit Pools’.  This is usually specified in the position advertisement.

Will your current resume achieve interviews?

is it ATS compatible?

Most organisations (Government and non-Government), use Applicant Tracking Systems, better known as black holes where resumes and applications go to die. The hard truth is that when you apply for advertised openings, it’s unlikely that your credentials will ever be considered by a human being – much less result in an interview, unless your resume is totally ATS compliant (structure and content) and importantly, incorporates they keywords and key-phrases associated with the positions you are targeting.  We check your document’s ATS compability.

Does it promote your value proposition to hiring organisations?

we not only check ATS compliance, but also your document’s potential to achieve interviews and job offers for you based on the content.  Your current resume may well be ATS compliant and passed on for human intervention, however, in this highly competitive job market, the content itself may not effectively promote your value proposition to hiring organisations.

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