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Selection Criteria Writing Services

Taking the hassle out of selection criteria writing

Many people are overwhelmed by the application process for Australian Government, State Government, Local Government and any sectors requiring selection criteria responses.   Yes, it can be a definitive process and in most instances STAR responses are required.  It is however, well worth the effort in securing roles in these sectors, as firstly, they offer ongoing job security in these evolving times; and secondly, they offer career advancement opportunities that the private sector can rarely provide.   Pricing for professionally written selection criteria applications is also a major factor why most individuals don’t proceed, and yes, most writing services do offer applications at totally unaffordable prices.  Unlike most writing services in Australia, we have no overseas’ origins and therefore our pricing is not only realistic, we have a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of government applications as well as the private sector and demonstrated expertise in securing interviews and job offers for our clients across Australia.

Selection Criteria Writing Services

Why our government applications receive interviews & job offers

We are government job specialists and have assisted clients across Australia achieve interviews and job offers in Australian government, state government and local government roles as well as academic, healthcare and education sectors.  We  have a comprehensive knowledge of the application requirements for any of these roles, and importantly, can tailor applications to promote your value position to achieve interviews. 

Selection Criteria Writing Services

Why most government job applications fail

In most situations, the primary reasons that government job applications fail are (a) the requirements for the application submission, have not been met, i.e. separate statement of claims, limited word responses etc., (b) the relevant ‘keywords’ have not been incorporated; (c) demonstrated examples are not appropriate; and (d) the resume does not effectively promote the value proposition of the applicant.

Getting into Government - what roles should you consider?

Whether you are considering an Australian Government or State Government role, the fundamentals are comparable.  The roles that you would initially apply for are dependent upon your experience background.  For example, if you have no previous experience in supervisory or leadership roles, then Level APS1 – APS3 roles would probably be an entry level point for you.  On the other hand, if you do have this experience, then APS3 – APS4 would be an appropriate entry point.  Higher level APS5 – APS6 positions usually require providing specialist technical and/or strategic advice so complementary credentials and employment background would be the key to achieving these roles.  Executive level roles EL1 – EL2 involve leadership at a higher level and the demonstrated ability to exercise sound decision making and judgement to produce high level policy advice that impact on strategic, political or operational outcomes for the agency. For more information on the differentiation between government roles, download the document opposite or visit this site.  If you are contemplating applying for a specific position, please request a ‘Quote for Service’ below and we will review your experience and the considered position to advise of your prospects of achieving an interview.  

Typical types of applications

Selection Criteria Statement

Where a position requires addressing the Selection Criteria as indicated in the job advertisement and/or Position Description, this will generally be segmented into ‘Essential’ and ‘Desirable’ criteria and requires individual responses to each criterion using the STAR method to provide exemplified examples.

Statement of Claims

Rather than addressing each Selection Criteria point individually with structured headings, generally, a Statement of Claims requires detailing how you meet the required skills, competencies and focus capabilities for the position. Depending upon the requirements. this can vary from 1 – 5 pages.

Capability Statements

With many government agencies, capability statements have replaced  responding to selection criteria and usually incorporate: Supports strategic direction; Achieves results; Supports productive working relationships; Displays personal drive and integrity; Communicates with influence.

Online Responses

Many Australian Government agencies and State Government bodies now require responses to online targeted questions, usually word-limited and can vary from 150 – 1,000 words for each response. These should also be presented in the STAR format where appropriate using exemplified situations from any position roles you have had.

Cover Letters & Pitch Applications

These can vary from 1 – 3 pages or may have a specified word content, depending upon the Government agency and/or level of the position and usually require addressing the ‘How you will be assessed’ component of the related Position Description in the context of the role requirements. 

Expression of Interest

Expression of Interest (EOI) applications are usually page limited requiring an outline of skills and/or experience in relation to the role using the selection criteria or core capabilities as a basis for their submission.  EOI applications are also commonly used by government agencies for internal vacancies.

Identifying application requirements

Selection Criteria Writing Services

It's not always 'obvious' how to apply

Quite often, the application requirements for advertised positions can be obscure and these are not displayed in either the position description or the position advertisement.  Many positions allow you to 'preview the application.  form', but not all.  In some instances, you need to APPLY for the position to gain access to the application form to identify if there are any targeted questions that require responses and also, how many document uploads are possible.  Don't worry - we are experts at accurately identifying the application requirements for any advertised position.  

Selection Criteria Writing Services

Will your resume achieve an interview?

Your resume is equally important as your application in achieving interviews and must be of the same professional standard, if not, your application may not even be read.  Importantly, it needs to incorporate the appropriate keywords aligned to the positions you are targeting and promote your value proposition to hiring organisations.  If it is not achieving interviews for you, your career will not move forward.

Why a professional resume is essential

From our experience, most resumes we see are prepared by our clients, often using templates downloaded from the web.  The main issues with these templates are firstly, that they are not always Applicant Tracking System compatible so consequently, will not pass through most Australian ATS/HRIS programs; and secondly, the content itself, may not effectively promote their value proposition to hiring organisations.  

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