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Selection Criteria writing

Many people are overwhelmed by the application process for Australian Government, State Government, Local Government and any sectors requiring selection criteria responses.   Yes, it can be a definitive process and in most instances STAR responses are required, particularly where ‘Demonstrated’ leads the criterion.  We are one of Australia’s most recommended Selection Criteria writing services, why?  Because we have exceptional success in achieving interviews and job offers in all Government agencies across Australia, and what’s more, we are one of the most affordable. 

Selection Criteria Writing Services

Online Responses

More and more Australian Government and some State Government entities are now requesting Online Responses to targeted questions rather than, or as well as, Selection Criteria statements.  These are usually word-limited and as per Selection Criteria statements, they require STAR examples.  We are specialists in preparing interview and job winning online responses for all government agencies and positions. 

Affordable Pricing

Unlike most writing services in Australia, we have no overseas’ origins and therefore our pricing is realistic and affordable.  Whilst our prices are lower than most writing services, our value is far superior.  We understand that many people seeking to get into government roles are put off by the seemingly high cost of doing so.  It’s a fact – most selection criteria writers start their pricing at hundreds of dollars for a single application which is unrealistic when there is no guarantee of achieving an interview.  

Typical types of government applications

Australian Government

Dependent upon the Department/Agency, you may be required to submit one of the following: Cover Sheet; a ‘Statement’ or ‘Pitch’ (word or page limited) about how your skills, abilities and experience meet the job requirements; addressing the Selection Criteria (STAR method) or answering any Questions if they have been included.

ACT Government

In addition to your resume, you’re also required to submit one of the below (this differs from each Department): a Word Limited Response to about six selection criteria (usually 500 words, 750 words, or 1,000 words); a Page Limited Response to the selection criteria (usually 1-2 pages).

NSW Government

Dependent upon the Department: a 1–2 page Cover Letter describing how your experience relates to the role; a short Statement against 1-4 targeted questions providing examples and also refer to the behavioural indicators relating to the Focus Capabilities level in the NSW public sector.

Victorian Government

Dependent upon the Department, some roles require the traditional Selection Criteria Statement whilst other roles want a Cover Letter addressing the Selection Criteria and why you’re interested in the position; or limited word Responses  to targeted questions.

Queensland Government

Differ from role-to-role and can include: a Cover Letter (or a short statement) – summarising how your experience, abilities, education, skills and personal qualities relate to the requirements of the role (usually 1-2 pages); a Written Application (usually 1-2 pages); a Written Response (no more than 2 pages) addressing your ability to meet the requirements of the role. 

WA Government

There are a lot of variables in because each Department has its own application requirements and procedures.  Some applications will ask you to upload your Selection Criteria responses (STAR or SAR method) in Word document, while some with require you to copy and paste these into the Online Application Form.  

SA Government

Some positions may require you to address each of the Selection Criteria for the role and other roles may ask you to respond to open-ended or 'targeted' questions in the application form.  A 1-page Cover Letter; Selection Criteria (1-2 paragraphs explaining how you meet that specific criterion).

Tasmanian Government

Either a short form Application – still addresses the selection criteria but in a cover letter structure (usually up to 2 pages); or a traditional Selection Criteria Statement (1-2 paragraphs each criterion).  Most Tasmanian Government applications also require completion of an Employee Declaration Form.

NT Government

A one-page Statement (usually max of 750 words) that usually tackles a high number of Selection Criteria questions (around nine questions); however, there’s no need to address each selection criteria items individually, hence, the narrative flow of your statement is very important.

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Questions you may have

This is dependent upon our workload at the time.  We prioritise our work according to position closing dates and if these are not indicated, for example a SEEK advertisement, then this would be more urgent than a position with a 2-week closing date.  Where possible, you should allow for at least a 4-day turnaround on completed applications and we will advise if this is not achievable.

Yes, because we are ex-recruitment, we can readily identify whether or not you would achieve an interview for the specific position(s) you are targeting at this time.

Always, your resume must be tailored to the positions you are targeting; be Applicant Tracking System (ATS) optimised; and clearly evidence your value proposition to hiring organisations.

Yes, we have significantly discounted multiple application packages.  Get a ‘Quote for Service’ for more information on these.

Yes, unlike many professional writing services, all our documents are provided in both WORD and PDF formats.  What’s more, our professional resumes include free ongoing future edits at any time.