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ATS compatible templates & keywords

Most hiring organisations now using either an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Human Resource Information System (HRIS) to sift through the (often hundreds) of applications they receive for every advertised job position. These systems contain algorithms incorporating the ‘keywords’ relevant to advertised positions and if these are not included in your resume, it will be discarded before it reaches human intervention. Our professional resumes incorporate the keywords associated with the position types you are targeting.

Quality Guaranteed & ongoing resume edits

We are one of the very few professional resume writing services that offer a full refund on your professional resume if you are not 100% convinced it will achieve interviews for you.  What’s more, our professional resumes include ongoing edits at any time in the future – any time your circumstances change, i.e. new job, new contact information, new qualifications and change of referee information.​  Most resume writing services charge for any future edits you may require which can end up costing you significant  money.

Documents provided in Word & PDF formats

You might be surprised to know that many resume writing companies do not provide their resumes to their clients in a Word format.  This is for various reasons, the most common of which is that every time the resume needs to be altered, you need to contact them and pay for this. Total Resume Service professional resumes include ongoing free edits and we always supply both Word and PDF format documents to our clients.  It’s important to check if a resume writing service does in fact provide Word documents.

Our safe payment process

We don't process payments on our website

Some people prefer not to process payments on websites and would rather place an order which is conducted privately.

You order your service and we issue an invoice

Order the services you require from the form below and we will issue you with a FORMAL INVOICE which you can pay immediately or within seven (7) days if you choose to proceed with the order.

a formal receipt is issued

When you process the invoice, a FORMAL RECEIPT is automatically issued and the order comes into our system for processing. We then contact you to request a copy of your current resume and any additional information required to process your order.

Pricing Information


$135 – Graduate Resume + Cover Letter  

$145 – Professional Resume + 1 x Standard Cover Letter 

$255 – Professional Resume + 4 x Standard Cover Letters

$165 – Professional Resume + 1 x Selection Criteria Cover Letter  

$320 – Professional Resume + 4 x Selection Criteria Cover Letters 

$225 – Professional Resume + 1 x Statement of Claims & Cover Letter   



$45 – 1 x Standard Cover Letter (non-selection criteria)

$165 – 4 x Standard Cover Letters (non-selection criteria)

$220 – 6 x Standard Cover Letters (non-selection criteria)



$65 – 1 x Selection Criteria Cover Letter

$220 – 4  x Selection Criteria Cover Letters 

$125 – 1 x Statement of Claims + Cover Letter 

$395 – 4 x Statement of Claims + Cover Letters 



$65 – Online Responses less than 1,200 words 

$85 – Online Responses more than 1,200 words



$55 – Professional LinkedIn Profile (new or make-over)  

Need more information before you order? Contact us.


Why most resumes are rejected by hiring organisations

Despite your qualifications, despite your experience, despite your skills – it’s the ‘Look and Feel’ of a resume which usually determines if it will even be read.  Imagine a hiring organisation’s HR person has picked up three resumes submitted by three individual applicants:

The first resume contains 682 words spread over 4 pages: there are great chunks of ‘white space’ with each page having about 35 lines of information; the applicant’s name and contact information itself takes up about a quarter of the first page on its own! The first section on this resume is labelled ‘Skills’ and includes a dozen dot-points including ‘Great Communicator’ – ‘Teamwork’ – ‘Highly Organised’ – ‘Quick Learner’ – etc.   The second section on this resume leads straight into ‘Experience’.  The resume also uses about four different fonts many of which are capitalised, bold, underlined or all three.  This resume is rejected half-way through the first page.

The second resume is the exact opposite, it has 3,322 words spread over just 2 pages: this one has very narrow margins, a too small body-text font and absolutely no ‘white space’ to segregate sections. The first section on this resume is a long list of achievements which don’t indicate what job they relate to and 43% of these are in fact just statements such as ‘built a customer focused team’ – ‘awarded best employee of the month in January 2017’ – etc.  This section is followed by ‘Experience’ with every position having an average of 23 dot-points to list every task the applicant did in this role.  This resume is rejected half way through the first page.

The third resume has a totally different ‘look and feel’, it has 1,411 words spread over 3 pages: the margins are good, the ‘white space’ has been used well to segregate sections, the section headings are clearly defined, the font choices for both section headings and body-text font are appropriate, and the intro is an ‘Overview’ which provides a summary of the skills and knowledge the applicant has attained via qualifications and experience. This is followed by an ‘Areas of Expertise’ section which provides a snapshot of meaningful skills the applicant can transfer to a recruiting organisation.  This resume is completely read.

Whilst you may consider that your resume is fine, and it lists all your experience, qualifications and skills – it is, after all, the first impression you present to a hiring organisation and ultimately evidences your professionalism and ‘value proposition’ irrespective of whether you are applying for a customer service role or a senior management role.  The effort you put into presenting yourself on paper will be perceived by hiring managers as the effort you will put into the advertised job position.

Not sure if your resume will be rejected? Get a resume health check


  • Will your current resume pass through an Applicant Tracking System ?

  • Does the information on your resume include multiple ‘keywords’ that are generally contained in position advertisements and position descriptions that you would apply for ?

  • Does the template you have chosen present you professionally ?

  • Is your choice of font type and font size correct ?

  • Does your current resume ‘sell your value potential’ to hiring organisations ?

  • Does your current resume make you stand out from other applicants ?

  • Do you have the right information on the first page of your resume ?

  • Will the information you have provided under each job position generate interest from hiring organisations ?

  • Is your resume too long or too brief ?

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