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All our resume templates are Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compliant – why?  Most ATS convert Word and PDF files into .txt documents and therefore cannot effectively interpret data which is placed in columns, tables or text-boxes.  If your resume is not a simple, one column document – it will usually be rejected.

The majority of resume writing services are keen for your business and will, in most instances, offer double (or more) column documents incorporating graphics and tables.  While these may appear aesthetically pleasing, they are not, in fact, compatible with ATS and will usually be discarded and not passed on for human intervention.  The reality therefore is that despite your credentials and experience, if your resume document is not ATS compliant, you will not achieve an interview.

best practice ats TEMPLATE EXAMPLES

In order to maximise your chances of landing a job interview, you have to be sure that an ATS can read your resume. These 1-column templates are all ATS compatible and what’s more, you can use elements of colour as well as (minimally) use tables to incorporate key skills.

The following are just a small sample of some of our suite of ATS compatible templates.  Note that most of our resumes are 2 – 3 pages in length and we are only showing page 1 in these examples.

Also note, that if you do have your own preferred template, you can send this to us and we will develop your professional resume using this.

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why ats reject 2-column resumes

Your resume undergoes a transformation once uploaded to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) as part of your online job application. The ATS converts your document into a format that can be searched, filtered, or transcribed into a uniform digital applicant profile.

From a visual perspective, 2-column resume templates can look appealing and appear to offer great ways to structure your experience and save space on your resume. But are they ATS compatible?  No. Columns often cause critical errors within ATS which will result in the document being discarded.  What’s more, graphical elements, photographs, and skills ranking bars, should never be used as an ATS will present these as garbled text.

SOURCE:  Jobscan | What happens to resumes tables and columns in an ATS

Other reasons ats reject resumes

  1. KEYWORDS – if your resume does not incorporate the relevant keywords associated with the advertised position it will be rejected.
  2. GRAPHIC ELEMENTS – ATS convert resumes to .txt documents and cannot recognise or interpret graphic elements.
  3. FONTS – most ATS prefer san serif fonts such as Calibri, Arial, Helvetica, Verdana etc and will have difficulty with serif fonts such as Times New Roman, Cambria etc.  Similarly, most ATS cannot effectively parse reversed text (white on dark or coloured backgrounds).
  4. TABLES – most ATS cannot effectively parse data placed in tables.
  5. FORMATTING – poor formatting can cause real issues with ATS such as lack of differentiation between position titles and organisation names.

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