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All our Resumes are ATS compliant

All our resume templates are Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compliant – why?  Most ATS convert Word and PDF files into .txt documents and therefore cannot effectively interpret data which is placed in columns, tables or text-boxes.  If your resume is not a simple, one column document – it will usually be rejected. 

The majority of resume writing services are keen for your business and will, in most instances, offer double (or more) column documents incorporating graphics and tables.  While these may appear aesthetically pleasing, they are not, in fact, compatible with ATS and will usually be discarded and not passed on for human intervention.  The reality therefore is that despite your credentials and experience, if your resume document is not ATS compliant, you will not achieve an interview.

Why ATS reject Resumes

  1. The TEMPLATE – if it is more than one column and/or incorporates graphics and templates it will be rejected.
  2. KEYWORDS – if your resume does not incorporate the relevant keywords associated with the advertised position it will be rejected.
  3. FONTS – most ATS prefer san serif fonts such as Calibri, Arial, Helvetica, Verdana etc and will have difficulty with serif fonts such as Times New Roman, Cambria etc.  Similarly, most ATS cannot effectively parse reversed text (white on dark or coloured backgrounds).
  4. TABLES – most ATS cannot effectively parse data placed in tables.
  5. FORMATTING – poor formatting can cause real issues with ATS such as lack of differentiation between position titles and organisation names.

Your Resume is your 'professional you'

Apart from effectively being parsed by an ATS system and passed on for human intervention, the expectation from hiring organisations is that your resume is a representation of your ‘professional you’ and is indicative of the professionalism you will bring to their organisation.  The fact that you have taken the initiative to have your resume written by a professional resume writing service is not lost on hiring organisations – they can see that you are serious about advancing your career and let’s face it, in today’s competitive job market you need to stand ahead of your competing applicants with a resume that clearly evidences your ‘value proposition’.

The first page of a resume is the key

The first page of a resume usually determines if you will achieve an interview therefore it must clearly evidence your ‘value proposition’ to hiring organisations.  Key data such as an overview of your career thus far, your ‘areas of expertise’, education/accreditations/professional development must all appear on the first page.  Follow on pages generally incorporate ‘Experience’ and again, this needs to be formatted appropriately for an ATS and contain the relevant data which correlates your core activities with advertised positions.  It is important however, to not only focus on ‘what you did’ in a role, but also, ‘how you did it’ and ‘how it contributed to your employer’.

Samples of our ATS compliant Resume templates

The following are only a sample of our ATS resume templates - every template will be tailored to your specific circumstances

Examples of templates which are not ATS compliant

Resume Template Examples
Resume Template Examples
Resume Template Examples
Resume Template Examples
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