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In this highly competitive job market, the only thing standing between you and your career advancement is your resume.  No matter what your qualifications or experience, if your Resume/CV does not promote your value proposition to hiring organisations, you will not achieve an interview.

We are specialists in writing interview and job winning resumes for both the Government and private sectors. 


Why our resumes win jobs

Fully ATS optimised

Most hiring organisations use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter through the (often) hundreds of applications they receive for advertised positions.  Our Resumes/CVs are fully ATS optimised for the Australian job market including in template, format, keywords and key-phrases that would be associated with the positions you are targeting.

they 'sell' your skills

Hiring organisations want to identify that you have the skill-set and knowledgebase that is essential for the advertised role.  Investing in new employees is a costly business, so they want to ensure they have selected the right person for the job and someone who will fit in with the organisational culture.

They look professional

Your Resume/CV is literally your first ‘hand-shake’ with the hiring organisation so it must present you as a professional in your field.  What’s more, they will be impressed by the fact that you have invested in yourself and your career by having your Resume/CV professionally prepared.  A poorly presented document will always be rejected despite your credentials.

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Things you might ask about our service

how long does the service take ?

We generally have draft documents back to you for review within 48 – 72 hours, shorter times can often be accommodated where necessary.

what if I don't like my application?

Don’t worry, you will!  What’s more, we work with you until your application is completed to your total satisfaction.

What if I don't like the new professional resume I ordered?

You must ‘love’ your new resume or we offer a full refund on this.  What’s more, your resume includes ongoing edits any time that your circumstances change.

What format do you provide documents in?

All our documents are provided in editable WORD and PDF formats for your convenience.

Do you use STAR format in selection criteria ?

Generally STAR is always used particularly when ‘demonstrated’ is required, examples must be shown evidencing your capabilities in the specific criteria.

Do you do online responses ?

Yes – many organisations now require responses to targeted questions to be inserted directly into online application forms.

I'm not sure i would get an interview - can you advise me ?

Yes, we will always review your potential to achieve an interview for any position you are considering.

What's your success rate ?

Extremely high, in fact we have assisted the majority of our clients in obtaining positions in government, academic and health sector roles across Australia.

How does the service work ?

1. Order your service or request a quote

Directly order your service(s) from the Order Form above or Request a Quote for service or call our mobile HOTLINE 0407 001 158 or email if you have special requirements.  Note, we usually respond very quickly so if you don’t appear to have received a response, check your Junk/Spam folder (particularly if you have an older ‘Hotmail’ account).

2. Formal receipt issued

When you process your invoice,  you will automatically receive a formal receipt and the order immediately comes into our system for processing – there is no need to advise of your order.

3. additional information requested

We’ll contact you (either by phone or email) for any additional information we may require whether it relates to a professional resume or selection criteria application. 

4. draft documents are prepared and sent to you for review

When we have received any requested information, we prepare your draft documents and send these to you for review.  If you require any changes, we revise your documents and resend to you for final approval.

5. final documents sent in word and pdf formats

Your final (WORD & PDF) documents are emailed to you.  What’s more, we always retain your confidential file in our records in the event you either want edits to your resume down the track, or want to submit other applications.

Not sure if you need a professional resume?

is it ATS compatible?

Most organisations (Government and non-Government), use Applicant Tracking Systems, better known as black holes where resumes and applications go to die. The hard truth is that when you apply for advertised openings, it’s unlikely that your credentials will ever be considered by a human being – much less result in an interview, unless your resume is totally ATS compliant (structure and content) and importantly, incorporates they keywords and key-phrases associated with the positions you are targeting.  We check your document’s ATS compability.

Does it promote your value proposition to hiring organisations?

we not only check ATS compliance, but also your document’s potential to achieve interviews and job offers for you based on the content.  Your current resume may well be ATS compliant and passed on for human intervention, however, in this highly competitive job market, the content itself may not effectively promote your value proposition to hiring organisations.

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