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Free Resume Health Check
Find out the real reasons you are not achieving interviews.
Get a free resume review within 48 hours
Includes design, formatting and content critique and ATS compatability

If your current resume is not achieving interviews for you, it could be for a number of reasons.  Usually, it is because the structure and content of the document are not compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) algorithms.  It could also be as a result of the overall appearance of the document, or, the content itself does not sell your value proposition to hiring organisations.  Our free resume health check will critique the document structure, layout and content, providing advice and information on where your resume could be improved or if it is beyond salvation.  Our detailed resume health check is free and there is no need to purchase any of our professional services.  We generally provide a full detailed report within 48-hours. 

Free detailed resume health check

  • Will your current resume pass through an Applicant Tracking System ?

  • Does the information on your resume include multiple ‘keywords’ that are generally contained in position advertisements and position descriptions that you would apply for ?

  • Does the template you have chosen present you professionally ?

  • Is your choice of font type and font size correct ?

  • Does your current resume ‘sell your value potential’ to hiring organisations ?

  • Does your current resume make you stand out from other applicants ?

  • Do you have the right information on the first page of your resume ?

  • Do your responsibilities read like a Job Description?

  • Are your ‘Achievements’ quantified or just statements?

  • Will the information you have provided under each job position generate interest from hiring organisations ?

  • Is your resume too long or too brief ?
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