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Why Resume Templates should always be one-column

Resume templates play an important role in the hiring process.  Most hiring organisations now use some type of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) program to filter through the often, hundreds, of applications they receive for every advertised position.  What this means is that despite your credentials and experience, unless your resume template is ATS compatible, it will usually be rejected.

Your resume undergoes a transformation once uploaded to an (ATS) as part of your online job application. The ATS will convert your document into a format that can be searched, filtered, and transcribed into a uniform digital applicant profile, and to do this effectively, a one-column template should always be used.  Even using a one-column template is not enough to successfully pass through ATS programs.  Other issues can result from using tables, text-boxes, and Serif fonts (such as Times New Roman).  

Whatever your profession, you can select any of the templates from any of the sets below, or, if you do not have a preference, you can leave the choice to us.

Executive Resume Examples

Graduate Resume Examples

Nursing Resume Examples

Accountant Resume Examples

Teacher Resume Examples

Admin/Customer Service Resume Examples

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