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Will your resume pass through an Applicant Tracking System?

Most organisations (Government and non-Government), use Applicant Tracking Systems, better known as black holes where resumes and applications go to die. The hard truth is that when you apply for advertised openings, it’s unlikely that your credentials will ever be considered by a human being – much less result in an interview, unless your resume is totally ATS compliant (structure and content) and importantly, incorporates they keywords and key-phrases associated with the positions you are targeting.

If it does pass, will it achieve interviews?

The next question is, if your resume does pass through an ATS, will it achieve interviews?  It's a fact, that most advertised positions attract upwards of hundreds of applications and therefore hiring organisations usually spend around six (6) seconds making a decision to read more. Your resume must create an immediate impact and that is why the first page is the 'key' to achieving interviews. Apart from the content, the overall look and feel of your document also creates an immediate impression - again, hiring organisations perceive your overall professionalism from the quality of the resume document you have submitted.