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everyone needs a LinkedIn profile - hiring organisations source talent from LinkedIn

If you are serious about your career - get serious about your LinkedIn profile

Why everyone needs a LinkedIn profile

Hiring organisations and recruitment agencies source ‘talent’ from LinkedIn for vacant and new positions.  Why?  Let’s face it – LinkedIn is a pool of talent!  A hiring organisation or recruiter only needs to type in the position title, drill it down to a location and whammo – there’s the pool!  What’s more, they can see who is actively looking for new positions if the individuals have set-up their back-end of LinkedIn to show that they are available.  This information is not available on the front (public facing) page of your LinkedIn profile so your current boss won’t know you are in the job market.  If you are of interest, the hiring organisation/recruiter will contact you via LinkedIn messaging and you’ll also receive an email advising that you have been sent a message.  That is why everyone absolutely needs a LinkedIn profile.

Hiring organisations and recruiters expect you to have a LinkedIn profile

Every time you apply for an advertised position, the hiring organisation or recruiter will check out your online presence and specifically seeks your LinkedIn profile.

  • If you haven’t got one, that sends out strong messages that you are not really serious about your career.
  • If you have got one but it’s a copy + paste from your resume or worse, contains barely any information, that also will significantly impact on your opportunities to receive an interview despite how good your resume is.

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