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job winning resumes

Expertly tailored ATS optimised resumes that promotes your value proposition to hiring organisations and achieves interviews and job offers.

selection criteria

Detailed applications (including STAR examples) for government, academic, health and all sectors requiring selection criteria responses. 

cover letters

Impactful cover letters that supports your resume and presents your most relevant skills, experience, and achievements for advertised positions.

linkedin profiles

Everyone needs a professional LinkedIn profile to advance their career – many hiring organisations source candidates from LinkedIn.

affordable, realistic prices

Many writing services that advertise in Australia, are overseas’ based.  That’s the reason for (very often) highly inflated prices including multiple hundreds of dollars for resumes and selection criteria applications.  As an Australia-based organisation, our prices are totally affordable and tailored for the Australian job  market.

quality guaranteed resumes

All our professional resumes are ‘Quality Guaranteed’ which means that if you are not entirely satisfied with your completed document or convinced that it will achieve interviews for you, we offer a full refund.  Most resume writing services do not offer this ‘peace of mind’ guarantee.

ATS optimised documents

The majority of resume writing services in Australia are overseas based and use totally non-ATS compliant resume templates (see non-compliant examples HERE). As a result, while these templates may look visually appealing, they are not, in fact, ATS compliant nor suitable for the Australian job market.

ongoing resume edits

Our professional resumes are inclusive of free ongoing future edits any time that your circumstances change such as change of contact information, change of referees, additional training/ qualifications, additional job positions.  Your confidential documents are always retained on file.

Total Resume Service

Request a free Resume Health Check today!

The job market today has never been more competitive with most advertised job vacancies attracting upwards of hundreds of applications.  If you think a home-made resume (including a template you have got off the web) is going to achieve an interview for you, think again!

Our ATS & Resume Health Check is totally obligation free and provides a full run-down on every element of your resume from the template you have used, the content, and the placement of data.  In the first instance, it checks if it will even get past an Applicant Tracking System; and secondly, the likelihood of it achieving an interview for you.

Customer reviews

Nicholas and the team at Total Resume Service offer an elite service to career professionals. Nicholas does a thorough assessment before embarking on creating a cutting edge resume. His research, writing ability and attention to detail shines through. The end result is outstanding. I can recommend Nicholas to anyone seeking career consulting.
David S.
Motivation Consultant
This is the first time I have ever used a service like this, I have also worked in employment services for over 13 yrs, the team have opened my eyes to how amazing a resume can be and what skills and experience I really have. I feel so much more empowered and confidence now from the support and service they have provided - thank you!
Therese M.
Compliance Manager
Highly recommend. Excellent and professional service. I did my resume update through TRS. The day I started applying for a role, I started getting calls. Thanks to Nick and his team for their tremendous work on my resume. Very professional and always available to help. I called a number of times and the team was very helpful and kind willing to support. Thank you.
Vikas D.
Project Manager
I contacted Total Resume Service to assist me with a Key Selection Criteria and updating my resume which had not changed in over 6 years. I was absolutely amazed and blown away on the detail and professionalism in my new resume and key selection criteria when I received it.
Martin K.
Network Security

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interview questions

Questions to ask at Interviews

‘Do you have any questions?’ is generally asked at the conclusion of every job interview.  Why? Well, first of all, it’s where the interview panel identify (if they haven’t already done so) how interested you are in the position and how much you know about their organisation.   If you don’t have any pre-prepared questions – or ask the wrong questions – it’s probably going to cost you the job …..

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Job Rejection?

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Interview Questions

Tell me about yourself

‘Tell me about yourself’ is generally asked at every job interview.  Why? Well, first of all, it’s an ice-breaker and starts the conversation and, dependent on your responses, it also gives the interviewing panel information to ask deeper questions relevant to the advertised position.  Whilst most people undertaking job interviews dread this question …..

Applicant Tracking System

ATS Templates - why?

ATS friendly resumes – how important are they?  The short answer is VERY – in fact, probably the most important aspect of your resume is the actual template that you use.  The statistics of organisations and recruiters using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to process submitted resumes for advertised positions is now quite staggering – …..

How to stop your boss stealing your ideas

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