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Government Jobs - our Specialisation

Assisting clients across Australia for over twelve years gain careers in government

Assisting clients to get into Government is our specialisation. We have helped thousands of clients across Australia transition their careers into the Federal, State, and Local Government sectors

The Benefits of working in Government

  • Long-term job security rarely impacted by market or economical changes
    ‘Real’ opportunities for career advancement
  • Ongoing learning provided to develop your skillset
  • Flexibility to move between agencies as required
  • Flexible Work Arrangements – hours to suit lifestyles and commitments
  • Overtime is generally paid in Flexible Leave
  • Additional annual leave can be purchased in most instances
  • Phased retirement options
  • Deferred salary options to accrue extensive paid leave
  • Higher superannuation contributions than in the private sector

The Skills Government Seek

Regardless of the role type, most government agencies require human-centric skills such as emotional intelligence, active listening, empathy, adaptability, persuasiveness, and problem-solving. When evaluating applicants with similar experience and credentials, these demonstrated 'soft skills' often influence the decision to interview, particularly (but not confined to) in frontline service roles. We are experts in identifying and translating your human-centric skills to achieve positions in Government.

Would you achieve a Government Job?

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