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Applicant Tracking System (ATS) check

What we check

TEMPLATE – most ATS convert Word and PDF files into .txt documents and therefore cannot effectively interpret data which is placed in columns, tables or text-boxes.  If your resume is not a simple, one column document – it will usually be rejected.  NOTE – if your current resume does not fall into this category, you should consider investing in an ATS compliant professional resume now.

KEYWORDS/KEY-PHRASES – ATS algorithms are set up against certain singular words and phrases which are essential to the advertised position.  These will be words/phrases which are incorporated into the position advertisement itself and/or the associated formal Position Description and can include (but are not limited to) expertise related to the capabilities of the role, requisite technical skills, and ‘soft skills’ such as communication, teamwork, organisational abilities etc.

FONTS & BULLET-POINTS – most ATS prefer San Serif fonts such as Calibri, Arial, Helvetica, Verdana.  Serif fonts such as Times New Roman, Cambria, Bookman can present ‘parsing’ difficulties.  Similarly, ATS prefer simple, rounded or dashed bullet-points as other (non-conventional) types can be translated as graphic elements. 

POTENTIAL TO ACHIEVE INTERVIEWS – we not only check ATS compliance, but also the document’s potential to achieve interviews and job offers for you based on the content.  Your current resume may well be ATS compliant and passed on for human intervention, however, the content itself may not effectively promote your value proposition to hiring organisations.

Most organisations use ATS

Many companies use applicant tracking systems, better known as black holes where resumes and applications go to die. The hard truth is that when you apply for advertised openings, it’s unlikely that your credentials will ever be considered by a human being – much less result in an interview unless your resume is totally ATS compliant (structure and content).

Why ATS reject Resumes

The primary reasons that it will be discarded is firstly the template choice (must be a simple, one-column document with ATS appropriate structure, layout, section headings and San Serif fonts); and secondly, it does not incorporate the relevant keywords and key-phrases associated with the advertised position (doesn't match the ATS algorithms).

Not Achieving Interviews?

If you have been submitting your resume WITHOUT SUCCESS - chances are that your resume is not ATS compliant.  If this is the case, you absolutely should consider investing in a professional ATS compliant resume which (a) passes through an ATS and (b) promotes your value proposition to the hiring organisation. 

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