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Indeed we do and we also service overseas customers from time to time
The short answer is YES! The job market is highly competitive with some industry sectors shrinking and the majority of applicants now having substantial qualifications. Another important reason in having a professionally written resume is that it will be tailored towards Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) which most hiring organisations use these days to sift through the often hundreds of applications they receive for each advertised job. ATS systems use algorithms (key-words) to identify if resumes contain these – if they don’t, the resume is discarded and a human is not involved in the process at all. Our professional resumes are tailored to ATS algorithms and importantly, promote your ‘value proposition’ to hiring organisations, i.e. what skills, knowledge, experience and potential you can bring to the organisation and why you should be considered for an interview.
Yes! Our website uses SSL meaning your connection to our site and all information uploaded is secure. We also use one of the world’s most trusted online payment systems STRIPE to process our payments which means we never see your card details. Your payment is processed directly through Stipes’ encrypted server giving you the protection of the world’s largest payment merchant.
Usually we require 5 – 7 days to produce your professional documents but can accommodate shorter and more urgent requirements – just call us on 0407 001 158 or email to discuss
You will receive an automatic receipt and order confirmation email from STRIPE (one of the world’s safest online payment systems). Your order is also automatically entered into our system so there is no need to advise us of the order.
If you are not achieving interviews and have doubts about the quality of your current resume, we are very happy to review it and email you back a detailed document advising where your resume could be enhanced or if it is simply beyond salvation. There is no obligation to order any of our services. Keep in mind that the quality of your resume determines your opportunities for career advancement and as such, impacts on your lifestyle.
All our professional resumes are covered by a full (100%) quality guarantee. If you are not totally convinced your new professional resume will achieve interviews and job offers, we provide a full refund of your resume payment. However, if you have previously signed-off on your draft resume document and received editable Word and PDF versions, this guarantee no longer applies.
Your draft documents are emailed to you in a PDF format for your review – if you need any amendments, we process these and sent the draft back to you for a final review. One you approve the drafts, we email both the WORD and PDF formats to you.
We are one of the very few professional resume writing services that provide FREE ongoing edits to your professional resume any time your circumstances change, i.e. change of contact information; additional qualifications/training; change of referees; and change of jobs.
That’s not a problem – however, we do recommend that you initially email us a copy of your current resume so we can review and advise on its suitability to achieve an interview – there is no point in ordering a KSC application if your resume isn’t up to standard.
This is not possible as all advertised positions requiring selection criteria responses have different ‘How to Apply’ requirements. As an example, some applications require a separate ‘Statement of Claims’ addressing the key selection criteria and a cover letter, others require a (combined) cover letter which addresses the key selection criteria, whilst other applications require word-limited responses directly into online application forms. We also offer significant discounts for multiple KSC applications.
That’s not a problem – however, we do recommend that you initially email us a copy of your current resume so we can review and advise on its suitability to achieve an interview – there is no point in ordering a cover letter application if your resume isn’t up to standard.
Client confidentially is paramount to us and we don’t share examples of their professional resumes. Every client we service is unique and so is the professional resume that we produce for them in terms of template style, layout, format and language. Importantly, we offer a 100% quality guarantee on our professional resumes if you are not totally convinced our professional resume will achieve interviews for you.

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