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Most writing services don’t provide a money-back guarantee; they just keep reworking the document until you give up.  TRS provide a full refund on your professional resume payment if you are not convinced that it will achieve interviews for you.

Most writing services will charge you for any future edits you require - TRS professional resumes include ongoing edits any time that your circumstances change

Many writing services will only provide your final documents in PDF format so they can then charge you for any future editing/updating you require.

Many writing services state their resume templates are ATS compatible where in fact, most use 2-column templates which are not compliant with Australian ATS/HRIS programs.

This is an important question, as yes, most writing services will be overseas' headquartered and as such, that is why their prices are generally excessive and their templates are not compatible with Australian ATS/HRIS programs.

Most writing services will charge for any career consultancy or limit this to a specified time period.  TRS provide ongoing free consultancy services to our clients at any time.

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SPLIT PAYMENTS on Resume Packages available - pay 50% upon order and 50% when completed

NOTE: Our complete Selection Criteria applications include all elements - all criteria responses & separate Cover Letter if part of the application

Early Career Resume
$ 140 Pay in full or pay by 2 x Split Payments ($70 each)
  • Professional Resume
  • Resume includes ongoing future edits
Early Career Resume & Cover Letter Application
$ 190 Pay in full or pay by 2 x Split Payments ($95 each)
  • Professional Resume & Cover Letter Package
  • Resume includes ongoing future edits
Early Career Resume & complete Selection Criteria application
$ 220 Pay in full or pay by 2 x Split Payments ($110 each)
  • Professional Resume & Selection Criteria Package
  • Resume includes ongoing future edits
1 x complete Selection Criteria Application
$ 95
  • 1 x Complete Selection Criteria Application
2 x complete Selection Criteria Applications ($80 each)
$ 160 SAVE $30 on this package
  • 2 x Complete Selection Criteria Applications
4 x complete Selection Criteria Applications ($70 each)
$ 280 SAVE $100 on this package
  • 4 x Complete Selection Criteria Applications
1 x Cover Letter Application
$ 65
  • 1 x Cover Letter Application
Online Responses to Targeted Questions
$ 85
  • Complete Online Responses to Targeted Questions
Limited Page (Pitch) Cover Letter Application
$ 85
  • Completed Limited Page (Pitch) Application
1 x professional LinkedIn Profile
$ 75
  • 1 x Professional LinkedIn Profile

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Government Application Requirements

Australian Government

Application Requirements:
Dependent upon the Department/Agency, you may be required to submit one of the following: Cover Sheet; a ‘Statement’ or ‘Pitch’ (word or page limited) about how your skills, abilities and experience meet the job requirements; addressing the Selection Criteria (STAR method); or answering any Questions if they have been included.

ACT Government

Application Requirements:
In addition to your resume, you’re also required to submit one of the following (this differs from each Department): a Word Limited Response to about six selection criteria (usually 500 words, 750 words, or 1,000 words); a Page Limited Response to the selection criteria (usually 1-2 pages); traditional selection criteria (1-2 paragraphs addressing each criterion).

Victorian Government

Application Requirements:
Dependent upon the Department, some roles require the traditional Selection Criteria Statement whilst other roles want a Cover Letter addressing the Selection Criteria and why you’re interested in the position; some want word-limited responses.  You may be required to write Short Statements (60-120 words) under each criterion with STAR methodology examples (Situation, Task, Action, Result) examples of how you meet the criterion.

NSW Government

Application Requirements:
Dependent upon the Department: a 1–2 page Cover Letter describing how your experience relates to the role; a short Statement against 1-2 targeted questions; this should use the STAR method and also refer to the behavioural indicators relating to the capability level in the NSW Public Sector Framework.

QLD Government

Application Requirements:
Differ from role-to-role and can include: a Cover Letter (or a short statement) – summarising how your experience, abilities, education, skills and personal qualities relate to the requirements of the role, taking into account key responsibilities and attributes); a Written Response (no more than 2 pages) addressing your ability to meet the requirements of the role listed under ‘How will you be assessed’ within the context of the ‘role and responsibilities.

SA Government

Application Requirements:
Some positions may require you to address each of the Selection Criteria for the role and others may ask you to respond to open-ended or ‘targeted’ questions in the application form; a 1-page Cover Letter; Selection Criteria (1-2 paragraphs explaining how you meet that specific criterion); Responses to open-ended or targeted questions in the online application form.

WA Government

Application Requirements:
There are a lot of variables in WA applications because each Department has its own requirements and procedures.  Some applications will ask you to upload your Selection Criteria responses (STAR method) in Word document, while some will require you to copy and paste these into the Online Application Form.

TAS Government

Application Requirements:
Dependent upon the Department, generally a completed Application Form; either a short form Application – still addresses the selection criteria but in a cover letter structure (usually up to 2 pages); or a traditional Selection Criteria Statement (1-2 paragraphs each criterion).

NT Government

Application Requirements:
Generally, a one-page Statement (usually max of 750 words) that usually tackles a high number of Selection Criteria questions (around nine questions); however, there’s no need to address each selection criteria items individually, hence, the narrative flow of your statement is very important.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of our most frequently asked questions - if you have others, please contact us in the form below

Early career means you have less than 10 years' professional experience - we do not count part-time or casual roles while you were completing your studies or volunteer activities (unpaid).

Yes, overseas experience is included - so therefore, if you have say 6 years' overseas experience plus 6 years' Australian experience, your overall experience = 12 years and you need to view the 'Advanced Career' services.

Quite a few things: firstly, we have a detailed understanding of every federal and state government agency and their specific application requirements.  Secondly, our exceptionally high success rate in getting government roles for our clients means our business is underpinned by client recommendations.

Thirdly, our pricing - if you have checked out other writing services you will have discovered our pricing is well under most service providers - that is because we are totally Australian based and don't have to inflate our prices.  What's more, our finished documents are far superior.

Yes, we have multiple resume template examples, all of which are totally ATS compatible unlike many of the templates currently being offered by other resume writers and/or available for free from the web, most of which, are non-ATS compatible 2-column templates.    What's more, we focus on ensuring relevant keywords are incorporated into your documents.

We generally have draft documents back to you for review within 48 – 72 hours, shorter times can often be accommodated where necessary.

You must ‘love’ your new resume or we offer a full refund on this.  What’s more, your resume includes ongoing edits any time that your circumstances change.  What's more, if we do not think that you are a 'skills match' for a specific position, we will advise you.

Yes, generally always unless otherwise specified.  Most government (and even non-government) organisations prefer examples demonstrating the applicant’s capabilities to perform the advertised role.

Most of our clients do achieve interviews and job offers and that is why we receive so many referrals.  We have a particularly high success rate in gaining government roles for our clients and are specialists in this area.

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