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We specialise in writing interview winning ATS compliant Professional Resumes and applications for Federal, State & Local Government roles as well as Academic and any other positions requiring detailed Selection Criteria statements, Limited-Page applications, and Online Responses.

Why choose us?


Expert Writers

We are ex-recruitment and ex-Government and have a thorough knowledge of what interview selection panels look for to interview candidates for advertised positions.


Track Record

Our results are outstanding. and most of our business is from satisfied clients who have recommended us to their colleagues, friends and family members.


Affordable & Fast

We are wholly Australian owned, and therefore, our pricing is well under other professional writing services, most of which have overseas' origins.

Selection Criteria, Government & Academic Applications

Selection Criteria, Online Responses, Limited Page Cover Letters/Pitches are just some of the requirements specified for (Local, State, Commonwealth Government and Academic) applications.

You may have to 'demonstrate' your capabilities or why you are 'a good fit' for the position. In all instances, STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) responses are favoured.

We work with you to obtain 'base examples' and build these into STAR responses that place you as a candidate of choice for the advertised position and achieve interviews and job offers.

Selection Criteria

Many Government and non-Government organisations require Selection Criteria Statements and can include categories such as mandatory, essential and desirable criteria. Usually, to respond effectively, the STAR (Situation, Task, Approach, Result) is employed to provide 'examples' of how you meet the specified criteria.

Online Responses

Quite often Government agencies request responses to targeted question(s) and usually with a word- or character-limitation. These questions often relate to your behavioural attitudes, technical abilities or professional skill set, and again, examples are the preferred method of responses.

Limited page 'Pitch' or 'Cover Letter'

Many Government and non-Government organisations require a page-limited response either addressing 'Are you the right person for the role?' or similar. Like Capability Statements or Selection Criteria Statements, it is essential that you provide examples and information that clearly evidences your skills, knowledge and experience.

Expression of Interest

Generally required for internal appointments (secondments, relief appointments, permanent appointments). Quite often, these positions are also advertised for external applicants and therefore it is essential you clearly evidence your capabilities in performing the advertised role.

Focus Capability Statement

Many Government applications require a Capability Statement - generally, they incorporate: Supports Strategic Direction | Achieves Results | Supports Productive Working Relationships | Displays Personal Drive and Integrity.

Limited page 'Pitch' or 'Cover Letter'

Many Government and non-Government organisations require a page-limited response either addressing 'Are you the right person for the role?' or similar. If the position incorporates a Position Description, this content must be considered.

Professional Resumes

You only get one chance to make an impression when applying for advertised positions and your Resume must immediately promote your value proposition to hiring organisations.

Apart from evidencing your skills, areas of expertise, and importantly, your potential to add value to an organisation, it must present your 'professionalism' and 'organisational fit'. We are experts at translating this and have a proven record of achieving interviews for the majority of our clients.

Our professional resumes include ongoing future edits any time your circumstances change.

Cover Letters (non-government applications)

Whilst non-government positions may not have Selection Criteria, they will have specified requirements which should be treated the same and include STAR responses to demonstrate your suitability.

Apart from meeting the requirements of the position, hiring organisations also want to identify you are an 'organisational fit' and will usually include details of their culture and business objectives in the advertisement.

Note also, that generic cover letters rarely achieve interviews and therefore each application must address the advertised position if you are to achieve an interview.

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“You and your team have provided an excellent service, and I appreciated the time you gave me in the initial phone consultation. This was the deciding factor for me to commission my professional CV. I will absolutely recommend Total Resume Services and will advise them to mention me with their enquiries”.
Suzanne W.
Project Manager
“This is the first time I have ever used a service like this, I have also worked in employment services for over 13 years, the team at TRS have opened my eyes to how amazing a resume can be and what skills and experience I really have. I feel so much more empowered and confident now from the support and service they have provided!”
Terese M.
National Operations Manager
"My resume looks amazing and the responses to the KSC explained my experiences very well.  I couldn't speak highly enough of their services.  I applied for a role within hours of receiving my resume and within one day I received a call for an interview for next week."
Nga N.
Research Associate
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Things you might ask us ....

What is the turnaround for your service?
Generally, we have draft documents back to you for review within 5 – 7 days, but shorter lead times can usually be accommodated.

What is your success rate in achieving interviews?
It is outstanding – we achieve interviews for the majority of our clients as our professional writers are ex-recruitment and know how to promote your value proposition to hiring organisations.  That is why most of our business comes from referrals.

What if I am not happy with my documents?
Don’t worry; you will be.  What’s more, we will work with you to ensure your documents are to your complete satisfaction and you are confident that you will achieve interviews.

What if I need changes to my professional resume down the track?
What sets us apart from other writing services is that our professional resumes include ongoing future edits any time that your circumstances change to ensure the document is always professional.  

How experienced are you with government applications?
Preparing professional resumes and applications for government positions is the largest part of our business.  We have a track record of getting clients into government and moving clients in government into higher grade roles.

Do you write STAR responses?
Generally always – even for non-government roles.  Hiring organisations want to see evidence that you have a particular expertise and/or the potential to achieve it.

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Work Level Standards for Australian Government jobs

What are the APS Work Level Standards and why are they important?

All Australian Public Service (APS) positions have a relevant Work Level Standard (WLS) and are classified according to expected levels of work and responsibility. APS classifications are APS Level 1 to 6, Executive Level 1 and 2, and Senior Executive Service Band 1, 2 and 3. The five key characteristics are: Leadership and accountability; Management diversity and span; Stakeholder management; Job context and environment; and Independence and decision-making.

What sets us apart from other Australian Government application writers is that we consider these WLS when preparing responses.

Link: APS Work Level Standards

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