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Complete Job Interview Guide

The complete job interview guide - how to blitz the interview and the competition. How to prepare, plan and practice for a job interview - respond to those commonly asked interview questions - stay cool - and create a lasting impression on the interview panel. .... download

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Do you have any questions?

‘Do you have any questions?’ is generally asked at the conclusion of every job interview. Why? Well, first of all, it’s where the interview panel identify (if they haven’t already done so) how interested you are in the position and how much you know about their organisation. If you don’t have any pre-prepared questions – or ask the wrong questions – it’s probably going to cost you the job. .... read more

Job Interview Questions

Tell me about yourself

‘Tell me about yourself’ is generally asked at every job interview. Why? Well, first of all, it’s an ice-breaker and starts the conversation and, dependent on your responses, it also gives the interviewing panel information to ask deeper questions relevant to the advertised position. Whilst most people undertaking job interviews dread this question, this article will provide you with the information you need to plan, prepare and deliver a tailored response that will put you in the front-running for the position .... read more

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How to stop your boss stealing your ideas

Do bosses (Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers) steal ideas from their direct reports and take credit for them? Unfortunately yes, and this is a constant in any work environment. Everyone wants to get noticed (and promoted) at work – even your Team Leader, Supervisor or Manager. So if you have identified a better way of doing a task or have an idea for a new process that would improve operational efficiencies or enhance customer service deliverables , map-it-out and present it at the appropriate forum ... read more

ATS checker

ATS explained

ATS friendly resumes - how important are they? The short answer is VERY – in fact, probably the most important aspect of your resume is the actual template that you use. The statistics of organisations and recruiters using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to process submitted resumes for advertised positions is now quite staggering – with reported variations of 75% to 95% of businesses now using HR management software which incorporate this functionality in addition to payroll and employee management ... read more

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Why resumes don't achieve interviews

If you are scratching your head wondering why you didn’t achieve an interview for a position which was a perfect match for you, i.e. you had the experience and skill-set to do the job ‘standing on your head’ – it’s probably because of the resume you submitted. Generally there are 13 primary reasons that resumes get rejected and some of them may surprise you ... read more

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