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10 ways to get your resume past an ATS

  1. Use a simple template – while you might want to highlight your creativity or individuality to a hiring manager, ATS require cold conformity and simplicity.
  2. Use a simple font (Calibri, Arial) and a legible font size 10.5 – 11.00pt.
  3. Keep Section Headings simple, i.e. OVERVIEW – SKILLS – EDUCATION – EXPERIENCE – REFEREES.
  4. Nail the Correct Keywords which are words frequently used in positions you are applying for.
  5. Ditch the Career Objective Section – replace it with a Professional Overview.
  6. Don’t have your position responsibilities reading like a Position Description – only include the core activities of your positions – not every one.
  7. Include a Role introduction, i.e. the reason you were hired for the position – your key accountability.
  8. Include page identifiers on every page, i.e. your name and a page number.
  9. Focus on your accomplishments and quantify these.
  10. Don’t include every job position you have ever had if they are not relevant to the positions you are targeting.  

Test your resume against our ATS Scan

Most organisations in Australia now use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) to identify qualified matches from the often hundreds of applications they receive for each advertised position. 

These systems are set up with keywords related to the advertised position and will search submitted resumes to identify matches.  Use the Jobscan tool below and COPY + PASTE your resume and any advertised job to identify where you can optimise your chances of achieving interviews.  Ideally, to pass through an ATS or HRIS you should achieve 80% or above.  If you don’t achieve this, you should seriously consider investing in a professional resume that will pass through ATS and HRIS systems.  Visit our PRICING page for full pricing information.

Try it out – copy + paste your current resume and any related advertised job.

Get a free detailed resume health check


  • Will your current resume pass through an Applicant Tracking System ?

  • Does the information on your resume include multiple ‘keywords’ that are generally contained in position advertisements and position descriptions that you would apply for ?

  • Does the template you have chosen present you professionally ?

  • Is your choice of font type and font size correct ?

  • Does your current resume ‘sell your value potential’ to hiring organisations ?

  • Does your current resume make you stand out from other applicants ?

  • Do you have the right information on the first page of your resume ?

  • Will the information you have provided under each job position generate interest from hiring organisations ?

  • Is your resume too long or too brief ?
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