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Your career will only ever be as good as your resume
Think about it ......

If you are serious about your career - get serious about your resume

There is no bigger investment in your life than in yourself.  We reflect long and hard on what house or car to buy, what holiday to take, what products will enhance our lifestyles, but we give minimal thought to investing in ourselves.   Your resume will ultimately determine what you lifestyle is, what income you have, what time you have available to spend with your family and/or on your leisure interests.  Today’s job market has changed – that’s a reality!  In the first instance your resume must pass through an Applicant Tracking System before it is passed on to human intervention. Our ATS check will identify if your resume will even pass through these systems.  Importantly, remember that this information needs to be applied to represent your value proposition to a hiring organisation and the quality of your resume represents your professional self.

Free ATS Compatibility Check

Every time you submit your application for an advertised position, it will probably initially be screened by an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which most organisations (and particularly government) now use to filter through applications submitted for advertised positions.

If it doesn’t pass through this screening process, your application will be rejected. Complete this form and attach your current resume and a couple of position links for the jobs you are targeting. We will advise:

(a) if your resume template and structure will firstly pass through these systems;

(b) if relevant keywords and key-phrases are included and consistent throughout your resume; and

(c) if your resume is overall compatible with the position descriptions and/or requirements of advertised roles you wish to apply for.

10 ways to get your resume past an ATS

  1. Use a simple template – while you might want to highlight your creativity or individuality to a hiring manager, ATS require cold conformity and simplicity.
  2. Use a simple font (Calibri, Arial) and a legible font size 10.5 – 11.00pt.
  3. Keep Section Headings simple, i.e. OVERVIEW – SKILLS – EDUCATION – EXPERIENCE – REFEREES.
  4. Nail the Correct Keywords which are words frequently used in positions you are applying for.
  5. Ditch the Career Objective Section – replace it with a Professional Overview.
  6. Don’t have your position responsibilities reading like a Position Description – only include the core activities of your positions – not every one.
  7. Include a Role introduction, i.e. the reason you were hired for the position – your key accountability.
  8. Include page identifiers on every page, i.e. your name and a page number.
  9. Focus on your accomplishments and quantify these.
  10. Don’t include every job position you have ever had if they are not relevant to the positions you are targeting.  
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