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Amazing prices - Assured Quality - ATS Optimised

You will be amazed at our prices - unlike many resume writing services, we are totally realistic about costing our professional resume and selection criteria writing - what's more, you can be assured that all our documents are produced to the highest quality standards in content, look and feel and are structured and contain keywords and key-phrases to pass through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and achieve interviews.

Ongoing Resume Edits

We are probably one of the only professional resume writing services in Australia that include (free) ongoing edits to our professional resumes any time your circumstances change.

Documents provided in Word and PDF

Many resume writing services will only provide their resumes in PDF format (they will then charge for any future edits you will require) i.e. new job, new qualification, new contact information etc.

Fast, responsive service

Generally we have draft documents back to you for review within five (5) business days .

Graduates & less than 5-year's experience

From $119
  • Professional Resume $119
  • Resume + Cover Letter $159
  • Resume + Selection Criteria $189

Middle Career - between 5 - 10 year's experience

From $145
  • Professional Resume $145
  • Resume + Cover Letter $185
  • Resume + Selection Criteria $219
Quality Guaranteed Resumes

Advanced Career - more than 10 year's experience

From $165
  • Professional Resume $165
  • Resume + Cover Letter $199
  • Resume + Selection Criteria $239

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Just some of the sectors we support

  • Accounting | Accountant Resumes
  • Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Resumes
  • Administration & Office Support Resumes
  • Bookkeeper & Office Manager Resumes
  • Business Analyst Resumes
  • Call Centre Representative Resumes
  • Community Services Worker Resumes
  • Customer Service Resumes | Administration & Retail
  • Disability Support Worker Resumes
  • Education Resumes | Teachers | Support
  • Engineer | Engineering Resumes
  • Government Resumes | Federal, State, Local
  • Graduate Program Resumes 
  • Health Sector Resumes | Nurses | Allied-Health
  • Hospitality Resumes
  • Human Resource | HR Resumes
  • Information Technology (IT) Resumes
  • Insurance & Superannuation Resumes
  • Legal Resumes | Lawyer, Legal Assistant, Intern
  • Marketing Resumes | Marketing Assistant | Marketing Manager
  • Mining Sector Resumes
  • Not-for-Profit/NGO Resumes
  • Project Manager Resumes
  • Real Estate & Property Management Resumes
  • Sales Resumes | Sales Manager | Sales Assistant
  • Trades & Other Services Resumes

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The PERFECT Resume

The PERFECT Resume What makes a PERFECT resume? It’s confusing when there is so much conflicting advice, so many diverse templates, when all you want your resume to do, is achieve interviews and a job offers. Yes, the look and feel of a resume is very important, but don’t get conned by bright lights, bells

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Top 2 reasons you didn’t get an interview

Top 2 reasons you didn’t get an interview If you are scratching your head wondering why you didn’t achieve an interview for a position which was a perfect match for you, i.e. you had the experience and skill-set to do the job ‘standing on your head’, these are the two main reasons why you generally

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How to write killer selection criteria

How to write killer selection criteria If you are trying to get a government job (or any position requiring selection criteria responses) it can be a very daunting experience to write effective responses that will achieve interviews.  Yes, there is a definite process in doing so, but once you have the knowledge of what selection

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The complete job interview guide

The Complete Interview Guide How to blitz the interview and the competition PREPARE for the interview OK, you have secured an interview for a position that you would dearly love to get, that’s great!  But before you go thinking you have the job in the bag, or, like most people are nervous about the prospect

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How to stop your Boss stealing your ideas

Do bosses steal ideas from workers and take credit for them? Unfortunately yes, and this is a constant in any work environment.  Everyone wants to get noticed (and promoted) at work – even your Team Leader, Supervisor or Manager.  So if you have identified a better way of doing a task or have an idea

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Questions to ask at a job interview

Questions to ask at a job interview ‘Do you have any questions?’ ‘Do you have any questions?’ is generally asked at the conclusion of every job interview.  Why? Well, first of all, it’s where the interview panel identify (if they haven’t already done so) how interested you are in the position and how much you

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