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Selection Criteria Writing Services

Expertly written Professional Resumes & Applications

Our professional writers are experts in preparing professional resumes and applications for both the government and the private sector.  Whether you are just starting out your career or well into it seeking new opportunities, our skilled writers will prepare documents which will ‘sell your skills’ and achieve interviews and job offers for you.  What’s more, we are totally affordable and our professional resumes include ongoing future edits any time that your circumstances change.

Selection Criteria Writing Services

Taking the hassle out of Selection Criteria writing

Many people are overwhelmed by the application process for Australian Government, State Government, Local Government and any sectors requiring selection criteria responses.   Yes, it can be a definitive process and in most instances STAR responses are required.  It is however, well worth the effort in securing roles in these sectors, as firstly, they offer ongoing job security in these evolving times; and secondly, they offer career advancement opportunities that the private sector can rarely provide.   Pricing for professionally written selection criteria applications is also a major factor why most individuals don’t proceed, and yes, most writing services do offer applications at totally unaffordable prices.  Unlike most writing services in Australia, we have no overseas’ origins and therefore our pricing is not only realistic, we have a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of government applications as well as the private sector and demonstrated expertise in securing interviews and job offers for our clients across Australia.

Selection Criteria Writing Services

What does a a tailored professional resume do for you?

It positions you as a ‘candidate of choice’ – the difference between achieving an interview or not achieving an interview.  Our professional resumes are tailored towards your career goals; what’s more, they emphasise your core competencies, align with advertised positions, and importantly, present your ‘professional you’.  Poorly presented resumes will be rejected despite your credentials and experience.  From our experience, most resumes we see are prepared  often using templates downloaded from the web.  The main issues with these templates are firstly, that they are not always Applicant Tracking System compatible so consequently, will not pass through most Australian ATS/HRIS programs; and secondly, the content itself, may not effectively promote their value proposition to hiring organisations.  If you are serious about advancing your career, a professional resume is essential!

Selection Criteria Writing Services

Why our government applications receive interviews & job offers

We are government job specialists and have assisted clients across Australia achieve interviews and job offers in Australian government, state government and local government roles as well as academic, healthcare and education sectors.  We  have a comprehensive knowledge of the application requirements for any of these roles, and importantly, can tailor applications to promote your value position to achieve interviews. 

Selection Criteria Writing Services

Why choose us?

We are totally Australian based and have no overseas’ origins therefore we ‘know’ the Australian job market and can keep our pricing structure affordable for budgets of all levels.  Secondly, we provide a personalised service that is focused on achieving your career goals.  Thirdly, we are one of Australia’s most recommended writing services and have a demonstrated exceptionally high success rate in achieving interviews and job offers for our clients.

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